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To access the Krieg Genalogy site, follow the Genealogy link on the menu at right. Please note you will need to be registered with the site to access details about persons still living. You can use the Contact Us link to request registration. Please provide your reasons for wanting registered access.


Krieg also owns a number of Domain Names for the purpose of protecting the Krieg name on the Internet and which may or may not be used for future business activities. These domain names are parked here. Other domains which Krieg also owns are currently under development.

System Development Associates. This business still undertakes contract work specialiizing in PostgreSQL database and Application Development using Visual Studio and .NET CORE as well as undertaking  legacy Paradox Database and programming support under the name of System Development Associates.

Development Associates no longer has its own website but you can contact them via the "Contact Us" link.

Book Tasmania. A Tasmanian Domain was designed as a portal for the Tasmanian Hospitality Industry. Small and medium hotels, B&Bs and Restaurants would be able to register with Book Tasmania for their Internet presence. Book Tasmania would allow these businesses to have their own website and booking and reservation facilities. the domain names, and are all currently for sale. Signify your interest using The "Contact Us" link.